• What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Plumbing?

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    If you have limited plumbing knowledge, you may wonder if there is a big difference between the plumbing systems in residential versus commercial settings. Although there are some similarities, each plumbing environment has unique differences, too. Below, we’ve outlined some key differences between the systems in homes and at work.

    Difference #1: The Types of Plumbing Problems

    When you have a plumbing problem at home, it may seem like the end of the world. But compared to problems in commercial settings, a residential plumbing problem is typically much smaller in severity – and potential damage. 

    Common, basic household-related plumbing problems include clogged toilets, dripping faucets, poorly working home appliances, and low water pressure. 

    Commercial plumbing problems are similar – but on a much greater scale. For example, locating the source of a water leak in an office building is much more challenging than in a home, as is finding the source for low water pressure. 

    In busy commercial settings, plumbers face having to fix these issues as soon as possible. Besides having high traffic flows, many businesses require running water and washroom facilities to remain open. 

    Restaurant kitchen plumbing gets a lot of wear and tear, especially in the dish pit, where it’s not uncommon for clogged sinks to happen from chunks of food, grease, coffee grinds, vegetable peelings, or cocktail swords ending up in the drain.  Over months, these small bits add up until water can no longer pass, and you may require drain snaking in your Toronto restaurant.

    Difference #2: Plumbing System Requirements

    Based on their size difference alone, commercial plumbing entails many more pipes and outlets than residential plumbing. Plumbing in commercial settings must accommodate several floors, compared to no more than two floors in residential settings. Commercial settings integrate more complex appliances to deal with a higher demand in people using toilet facilities, sinks, and water in general. 

    Supplying a strong water pressure is important in both settings, but becomes more challenging to do in larger, higher buildings where gravity comes into play. 

    Difference #3: Plumbing Equipment

    The plumbing requirements for a home vary drastically from a work setting. Large-scale businesses, such as factories or office buildings, typically require plumbing equipment, including large boilers, site sewer lines, lift stations, and industrial-grade pipes. This equipment must be able to sustain the needs of manufacturing processes, or high amounts of people.

    At home, where demand for plumbing is much less, the equipment is often limited to two basic systems – one that brings clean water in and one that takes dirty water away. The system is much less intricate and is not as heavy-duty.

    When installing the plumbing system, a plumber must be familiar with proper layout and installation components. Plus, the different plumbing systems must meet different code and permit requirements, too. 

    Common Commercial Plumbing Industries in Etobicoke

    A commercial plumber serves various industries, including hospitality, where we maintain the plumbing systems of hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. You’ll also find us working in healthcare, ensuring reliable plumbing operations in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities.

    Additionally, commercial plumbers support manufacturing industries by providing efficient water supply and drainage solutions for factories, warehouses, and production facilities. Finally, you’ll find our Commercial Plumbers working in educational institutions, office buildings, and retail spaces, where functioning plumbing is vital for day-to-day operations.

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