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We used David for our bathroom renovation and we could not be happier. The quality of work was exceptional, and he was always on time and very efficient. Even though the delivery of our plumbing items were delayed, David was very accommodating.

I would highly recommend David and we are hiring him again for the renovation of our second bathroom.

Derek Pierre

The first time we called, David was quick to arrive and get the job done, he fixed the issue and explained what had went wrong and what we could do to prevent it from happening again. All around great experience.

Graham Knox

Dave was knowledgeable and fair. He brought solutions forward that were better than my initial plan and did quick, great work.

Kevin O’Brien

Fantastic service. Jason was knowledge and professional. Would highly recommend.

Laura Tucker

We moved into a house with an exterior faucet that wasn’t working. Dave methodically and patiently traced it down through the walls to an incomplete repair job the previous owner did to fix a frozen pipe. Great job solving this mystery! 🙂

Jason Lee

Dave was great! While visiting my son we discovered a leak under his kitchen sink. I called Dave and he came over working around our schedule to figure out what the problem was. He fixed the leak on the weekend and didn’t charge us extra for a Saturday call. Very thorough and efficient. I would definitely use him again.

Lisa Bell

Excellent service! Fast response time. I couldn’t be happier. I had an emergency that needed immediate attention. David responded quickly with a fair price and fixed it the first time. Highly recommended.

Alex B

Our shower was very slow draining so I decided to try and fix it myself with draino, big mistake!! It only made it worse and wouldn’t drain at all! Tried plunging, vacuuming, green gobbler after watching YouTube reviews, nothing worked. Decided a plumber was now a necessity, so happy I called, came out next day and within 25 minutes or less my drain is clear! The only regret I have is not calling sooner. Thanks again!

Keely Meneses

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