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Although annoying, a plumbing leak can go unattended for weeks or months. But those small, infrequent drips aren’t the only thing flowing down your drains – your energy costs are affected too, as well as money wasted on your water bill.

Whether you have a water heater or faucet leakage, getting these leaks taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible is crucial. The best plumbers in Toronto can help!

Sometimes, a water leak is easy to spot in your home or at your commercial business. But other times, the only indication of a water leak is an increase in your water bill. These hidden water leaks are difficult to detect – if you’re not a professional plumber like us.

While creating minimal damage, our licensed and experienced plumbers will use innovative detection methods to locate and repair your water leak. Our high-quality equipment uses the latest technology to find the cause of your increased water bill quickly and efficiently to get your plumbing systems back in proper working order. We typically won’t need to break through your floors or walls to find the leak, which helps take the stress out of a tough situation.


When you call a plumber to come and fix a water leak at your home or business, you don’t have hours to wait around for them to arrive. Especially if you need emergency plumbing!

At D. Jason Plumbing, we always arrive on time and prepared to get your plumbing leak problem resolved as quickly as possible. We don’t like seeing water wasted and your dollars put down the drain, so you can count on us to get your water leak taken care of effectively.


In the wintertime, your frozen pipe could be especially tricky to find. Frozen water can make a frozen pipe look like it’s not leaking at all. But frozen pipes can burst and cause terrible damage to your property or even lead to a flood if they are neglected long enough. They may also cause you to lose water pressure and not have any water at all.

If you suspect that one of your frozen pipes may be causing a leak, leave the affected area alone and call D. Jason Plumbing immediately for an inspection before any hidden leaks get worse. At D. Jason Plumbing, we do our best to get frozen-pipe repairs done quickly, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous water running through again!


Constant running or dripping water can be irritating and result in high water bills. Plumbing leaks may also lead to a pipe or fixture corrosion, creating severe damage to your home’s or business’s plumbing systems.

The best way to save money on your energy bill and avoid unnecessary, costly repairs is to get your water leak repaired as soon as possible.


In business since 1988, our family-owned and operated business has made the Profit 100 magazine’s “Fastest Growing Company” for two years consecutively. Known for our professionalism, honesty, and attention to detail, our highly skilled team of licensed professionals always make sure that your plumbing needs are taken care of.

We believe in fair pricing, too, which is why the prices we quote are always reasonable. We know that we wouldn’t like a surprise when it comes to invoicing time, which is why we are always transparent about our services. If we ever run into unforeseen issues during your water leak detection service or during a water leak repair, we will consult with you right away.


Smart water leak sensors are available to purchase from hardware stores and online vendors. These water leak detectors hook up to your smartphone and will send you a warning about a leaky area such as your sump pit overflowing, a leaking water heater, or a washing machine hose bursting. While smart water sensors are wonderful for peace of mind when you are away from the home, they are no substitute for proper maintenance of your home’s plumbing system.

Often a water leak detector will require batteries along with a proper wifi signal to properly work. Thus, if your power goes out during a storm, you may never get the message that your sump pit has overflowed.

Therefore, if you are worried about your sump pit overflowing, we recommend a battery backup system installed, along with regular maintenance to ensure your sump pump remains operational. 

Furthermore, water heaters should be replaced every 10 to 15 years to avoid massive leaks. Meanwhile, washing machine hoses should be replaced with high-quality stainless steel hoses every five years. Finally, older shut-off valves for toilets require replacement after 10 to 20 years. To remain adequately insured for flood damage, check with your insurance provider for their advice.


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